Thursday, March 22, 2012

It is really incredible, what the Power of the Universe/Law of Attraction/Greater Power can do for you when you have a positive mindset. When you are in Positive/Happy state of mind, great things start to happen to you. New opportunities arise out of nowhere and doors that you thought were closed begin to open. On the other hand the same is true for when you are in a negative mindset, things will seem to unfold by getting worse each and every time. Think about it, all the times that you were in a bad mood the worst things just seemed to happen to you (car accidents, tickets, arguments etc.) We are like Magnets, when we are positive we bring positive experiences to ourselves and visa versa. If you want change in your life experiences start by being more positive in everything you do as well as with all the people you interact with. But you must be patient! We live in an instant gratification era, where we expect things to happen immediately and it doesn't work that way but I assure you they will happen sooner when you try your best to have a Positive Mindset.

 When your Spirit Rises and you Dare to Dream of Doing, Being and Having What You Want in Life, the creative forces of the universe mysteriously appear and Give You all the Support you Need. - Marc Allen

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