Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fall in Love with someone who Truly Deserves your Heart. Not with someone who Plays with it. - Sarah Dessen

Hi Bellas,

So many times we find ourselves attracted to the bad boy types who barely acknowledge our presence, Why?!? It probably goes back to the good old saying 'You always want what you can't have' but Really why put ourselves through that? A guy who is truly interested in you Will make all the stops. I don't care what anybody says Chivalry is not dead! Know you're worth and act as the prize you are. Don't let a fool disrespect you  because if you put up with that kind of treatment your self-esteem will suffer from it. We need to date/be with guys who will raise our self-esteem and visa versa, because in the end that's what will really make us happy.

Love yourself and know that by doing that you are bringing the best possible You to the relationship ~


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